An Ignorant White Man’s Proposal to Reduce Racism and Other Forms of Discrimination

There is no strategy to reduce discrimination in a meaningful way. I want to unite minorities with right thinking majority people to combine economic power through a website rating every restaurant, business, store, police station, and school. Misbehaving entities can be educated or punished and those treating minorities properly will see sales go up. Everyone will see who’s behaving well and will want to reward them with their business.

Discrimination seems to have two causes: ignorance and Bad Values. I don’t think of myself as being prejudiced, but probably at times I have been ignorant enough to make a comment that others found insulting without my having any clue that it happened. Such ignorant people would benefit from education. The bigger problem is those with bad values. People who are raised by prejudiced idiots are likely to follow in their footsteps. These people will benefit from education, but they may require some sort of punishment in order to take the education seriously.

The key is that the minorities are really a majority! If you add up the Mexican, Black, Asian, those with “uncommon” religious views, and those who are gay or lesbian or bisexual, then that total is half of the population! If that group is combined with the “majority” people who think that discrimination is evil, then we’ll have a significant majority of the population. Maybe the real total is 80% or more, but it’s clearly a majority. Of course, this majority only works if Asians support gay people and gay people support Black people, etc.

We’ll need world class experts to design the website and make sure it’s user friendly. There are many such experts and I have consultants who can find them. Website people will key at first, but longer term the people interfacing with the various entities will be key. Those interfaces may be tough at first and we’ll make mistakes in the first city, but we’ll learn from those mistakes and optimize our strategy going forward.

The key data will be improvements tracking. Each entity will be rated and those with high or improving ratings will want to brag by advertising on our website. Those with good ratings will see growing revenues and those with bad ratings will see them fall. Entities will advertise to hire minorities to help improve ratings or they may offer discounts. National chains will want to support this website, so the company should be very profitable. One key to success will be patent protection in order to ensure that everyone goes to a single website. Our patent is pending and should be issued in the next few months.



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David Alan Dill

David is a summa cum laude graduate of Princeton University and received his master’s degree from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He has dozens of inventions.